Thank you Binil!

cPanel with Softaculous hosting is still excellent and uninterrupted from December 2020 when Binil stepped in to assist those who needed quality shared hosting after Gigarank closed its doors.

Well done and many thanks Binil.  This is much appreciated.

One year on!

One year on, and the free hosting provided by Binil of Gigarocket still continues.  Warm appreciation goes to Binil.  Thank you Binil!

Quality of hosting is excellent.  cPanel still rocks as ever.

During this year my favourite also closed its doors for hosting.  So it makes the generosity of Binil’s cpanel hosting that much more meaningful.  Every hosting business has a different reason for coming to an end.  Post4vps owner thought he could not continue as he had discovered a possible (but not proven) exploit of three years before, and felt he could not provide the security of personal information that for him has always been a non-negotiable requirement.  He then closed the doors.  Sadly.  That was the last active Forum I participated in in my many years of attending to discussion Forums.

I’d hoped that Fitkoh, a super out of the ordinary tech admin who had been posting at both and gigarocket, would carry on, but right at the time of closing, Fitkoh got a very busy day job.  He did succeed in creating a discussion Forum – but I had to give up at the point where the Forum was totally taken over by spam bots, as so much the pattern has become when a Forum has been abandoned with no traffic on it any longer.  Unfortunately I did not have sufficient admin power to kill the spam at its source, so had to give up eventually.

Well Gigarocket Forum is not completely at an end yet.  The owner, Chris, has kept it open, so I’m still attending to the cleaning of spam.  And now and then, like a fresh breeze, there is someone who registers and entertains with some decent discussion posts.

Not sure whether Binil will continue this great hosting beyond December, as he had informed us last December it would be for a year.  Let’s see what is next for Gigarocket.


Thank you Binil!

I’m currently blogging in a WordPress site that has been created from a cpanel hosting account provided by Binil.  Binil has been an actively contributing member of Gigarocket for several years, and when Gigarocket closed its door for further hosting, Binil stepped into the breach.  Binil is confident that with advertising in the Forum one would be able to cover the costs of running a free hosting business.

So far this has been a very positive experience for me.  Application for the hosting account went very fast and I was blown away with the quality of apps in cPanel.  There are a number of tools that have been added, particularly in the SEO section that I have never seen before.  So from a position of thinking I’ll never see cpanel again, I went to an improved cpanel with added bells and whistles.

It took about 24 hours for my account to be ready for publishing a site.  Once ready it took approx 10 minutes to have a WordPress installation up and running.  I’d say that was record fast by any standard.  I chose to install my site manually through the File Manager just to get a taste of uploads and control over the mysql database.  I downloaded WordPress 5.6 from site, unpacked it, and then zipped up the section that I uploaded to the root of my domain.  Immediately after I was able to install my WordPress site.  I have quite a variety of WordPress backups, so with the All in One WP Migration Tool, I was able to import one and edited it in its current form.

Well done Binil and wishing you the very best with your new venture!