New learning curve!

I check my WordPress Websites periodically, sometimes with longer intervals than I really like, but I do check as regularly as I can, being reminded what a security risk a Website can pose for a server, if it is not regularly updated.  I do all of the updates in the WordPress dashboard and save a backup at the end of all of the updates and new posts.

With that is being hosted by Binil, it is usually quick and easy.  I rarely need to go into cPanel and only need to work with the WordPress Dashboard. This time round however it was a great surprise to find gigagenesis down.  It was the very first time since Binil had been hosting us that I found the Website down so I automatically thought WordPress issues.  It had to be something technical with the database.

It was wonderful to navigate Binil’s cPanel again after a very long absence.  cPanel said the database was OK.  Then little by little I found the reason that the Website was down was that the name servers were not working any longer.

So for me it was fun to try and troubleshoot this, as strictly speaking everything had been in great shape with the server.  cPanel was very current and up to date.  Accessing Binil’s discussion forum had been effortless as well.  There was no reason for the Website not to work once the DNS had been sorted out.

So  I was wondering whether I could use my domain name to register my own name servers using Binil’s cPanel IP.  I lucked out, as that worked. I was able to register name servers with Namecheap using Binil’s cPanel IP.  Took a few minutes, and then the Website was up and running again. Effortlessly.  Great learning experience, and also great to use cPanel again after all of this time.

Again, thank you Binil for still supporting us with excellent cPanel hosting after all of this time.   This is much appreciated.