Welcome to GigaGenesis!

This site was created through a sheer miracle.  A member of Gigarocket’s Forum, Binil, most graciously stepped into the breach, after Gigarocket stopped to provide hosting. He is confident that with advertising in a Forum he would be able to cover the costs of running a free hosting business.

Gigarocket had been successfully providing hosting from 2013 to date, when in the middle of November it was announced that the hosting would be stopped with effect of 6th of December.  One of the reasons why the hosting was closed was because of the enormous expense of the cpanel license, the cost of which had rocketed sky high during 2019 to 2020.  When the owner of Gigarocket was advised of a further increase for 2021, he decided to call it a day.

Following this, members were frantically looking for an alternative host and it was soon discovered that there were almost no comparable free cpanel hosts available of the same quality.  To be honest, I thought this would be the last time I’d be able to use cpanel and I was looking at free DirectAdmin alternatives.

Thankfully Binil, who has a Reseller Hosting Account with a reputable Host in Sri Lanka decided to bale the members of Gigarocket out by starting his own free cpanel host forum.  Here are the plans that are available at his new Forum :

FreecloudHost Plans

Binil has given the project a year to succeed and will reevaluate the hosting in a year’s time.  We wish Binil everything of the very best for his new venture!

For those wishing to apply, please visit the page below for a summary of the steps that need to be followed to get a hosting account:

How to get free cpanel hosting