Gigarocket Quo Vadis?

So am wondering what’s up with Gigarocket?  For a while at end of April 2022 I got happy as Chris had indicated restarting the free hosting for Gigarocket.  As a precursor he was going to update the Gigarocket Website, but looks as though changing the script from myBB to Xenforo was as far as he got and then it didn’t go any further.

Unfortunately I had to go in for an operation at beginning of May and was away for a couple of months to recuperate, but when I returned, didn’t look as though anything meaningful had happened at Gigarocket.  I suspect it may be because Un4saken had not responded or shown interest in Chris’s suggestion.  Un4saken is a big motivator for Chris, apart from a very long friendship, he is a technical wizard and his participation would have been essential for Chris to restart free hosting.

I checked out Gigarocket and there doesn’t look to be a flood of new sign ups.  Could be those who have been interested over the years when there had been no free hosting, had given up and lost interest.

Anyway, time will tell.  Usually when anything happens it happens super fast and Chris is a magician with SEO so no doubt if he is focused, it won’t be a problem to revive interest in Gigarocket.  I did contact Chris but haven’t heard back from him yet.